Local Marketing Execution

How Multi-Location Brands Create and Distribute Materials and Campaigns to Local Markets


Marketing teams that support multiple local markets or local sales reps have complex local marketing execution challenges:

  • Lack of brand control
  • Small team with little time to manage local marketing execution
  • Inability to see inventory status, reorder points
  • High local market shipping costs
  • Multiple creative versioning costs
  • Confusion on which vendor owns which part of the process

MarketNow from DataSource was designed to help remove the complexities of local marketing execution for the local user and the national marketing team.

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See how best in class multi-location brands drive down direct and indirect costs of local marketing execution, and power b2local success with technology that simplifies. 


Power Your Brand With Technology and Services from DataSource. See how.

For Local Users:

  • One centralized location 
  • Ease of use
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • The ability to version and personalize content
  • On demand materials
  • Always current collateral

For the National Marketing Team:

  • Control brand
  • Reduce waste
  • Eliminate obsolescence
  • Enable local marketers
  • Decrease creative management time and fees
  • Consolidate vendor partners
  • Improve reporting
  • Reallocate time and expense to strategic initiatives

Whether your brand has implemented a Local Store Marketing software solution and you are considering a change, or you are just starting to feel the growing pains that push you toward considering a Local Store Marketing solution for the first time, see how we can help.






Download "Marketing as a Service; a Scalable Solution for Distributed Marketers."Local Marketing Execution with MaaS

See how best-in-class organizations optimize local marketing execution.
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