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  • Control the Brand. Maintain your company's brand guidelines by specifying what, when, and how content can be customized.

  • Provide Customizable Marketing Materials. Offer intelligent marketing templates to your users to help them produce customized pieces in an automated fashion.

  • Enable Personalization. Produce personalized content and imagery within your branded collateral to improve customer engagement.

  • Centralize and Consolidate. Implement a single portal that hosts all brand assets, connects internal systems, and consolidates vendor ordering.

  • Automate Processes. Streamline marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency.

  • Reduce Operational Costs. Save costs by automating processes, streamlining your marketing workflows, and reducing obsolete collateral. 

  • Decrease Time to Market. Reduce the time producing branded materials by automating workflows and processes that deal with content and imagery.

  • Employ Dynamic User Access, Workflows, Budgets.Configure user profiles to dictate access to materials, prefill marketing templates, determine approval rights, and more.

Watch the video, then request a demo.  Let us show you how our MarketNow technology solution can help power your brand.



Watch the video.

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