MarketNow Brand Management from DataSource

Marketing services and technology to manage the creative lifecycle and deliver multi-channel campaigns and materials to the local level.


We understand large brands with multiple locations and distributed sales teams.

MarketNow is our marketing resource management solution that works across your organization to streamline the process of developing and delivering multi-channel branded programs, campaigns and products to the local market. 

Why best-in-class organizations implement MarketNow:

  • 10-30% Savings 
  • Reduce Obsolescence
  • Brand Control
  • Speed to Market
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Drive Growth
  • Reallocate Resources
  • Increase Visibility
  • Improve Compliance

Technology Inside:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Project / Task Management
  • Location Profile Management
  • Marketing Asset Management
  • OneSource Bid and Buy Technology
  • Automated Fulfillment

Services Wrapper:

  • Program Management
  • Print Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement Services
  • Creative Services
  • Marketing as a Service
  • Warehouse, Distribution Services
  • Kitting, Fulfillment Services


Distributed Marketing Management is complicated.  

We help simplify.

Watch the video.

Then, let's talk about a customized solution for your brand.

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